Tuesday, May 12, 2009

xSMS Flood v 2.00 Beta For Symbian Sets


Title :
xSMS Flood v 2.0 Beta
Catagory :
CellPhone Application
Description :
Send many sms repeatedly to and number,or an sms broken into many parts
can be send to a number.Also generate a sequence of numbers easily and then send your text for advertising purposes or fun.Trial version can only send 5 Sms to a number.
Using Full version you can send as many send sms as you wish to a number,or broken sms text ( SMS Desire ) or SMS to a Series.

Time Factor setting can be used to send text to a number after specified interval.

Unique Features :
Using xSMS Flood v2.00 Beta,you can send text sms to a phone number in as many numbers as you want.You can also add numbers to each sms or leave text empty so that only Number