Free x-SMS Flood v2.00/v2.02 and v3.00 Registration Key...

Hey guys, i had made an online form to get your xSMS Flood Key for free. Its been 5 to 6 years since i made that app and its cool to see so many people still interested in app. Just Now i happen to check that there are so many Requests sent to the server , that looks like a some kind of hacking attempt or automated script.Though i added re-captcha to prevent bots/scripts to overload the server. So i am discontinuing the service for now. But i will try my best to get it back online as soon as possible. You can still email me your IMEI number and xSMS Flood version number , i will reply you manually. Thanks and sorry for inconvenience 

Get Free Registration Key for xSMS Flood

Hi guys , I have launched online form to get your xSMS Flood registration key; goto Online Form   and get your key. For any query email me at Get Free Registration Key For xSMS Flood

Example For wxPython pureMVC Using Eclipse IDE with PyDev Plugin : Tryout

Blah Blah.... I was planning to get my hands dirty with python :) but the problem is i hate to do it with simple stuff. But one has to go through a simple Hello World example :( . So after playing some with Python Command Line Interpreter, it was time to do some work that means something . I have been programming in ActionScript and Flash from 8 to 10 years now, and I learnt to do it in pretty object oriented  fashion , and using some frameworks. I started with  +The PureMVC Framework   for ActionScript 3.0 during my internship at White Rabbit Studios. It was first time I knew about some framework. But pureMVC was hard to follow , not its abstraction , but its boilerplate nature. I was and still am , a hobby programmer and to make a small working application , pureMVC needs many many classes to write/extend. Later I tried  Robotlegs  1.5 for ActionScript3.0 and i am in love with it since. Now as i "wish" to learn  +Python  , (also i "wish" to learn  +Haxe  ;) )

Peoples' Book Manager

hey guys, Finally the app i have been working for is available for download. Please give me feedback here. Goto to download

Putting It On Paper

Following  Getting Gears for the PhoneBook Project Hey , I have been spending some time on writing the Plan of my Phonebook app. After three days , i realized that it will consume so much of my energy , and i wanted to get experience of a Professional Environment. Well I am wrong especially when i have only one team member working with me , Myself :-) So I am skipping this documenting and structuring part or whatever it is called and start to build my Presentation Layer. The document i have been working on is displayed below, please note that i have not followed any template or didn't read any approach to pre-documentation of a software project. It purely for my convenience . Document * Note: The data base tables are not showing in Google Docs.May be i should add a snapshot on completing the document. Currently I am building Presentation Layer built on Starling+Feathers UI . And facing alot of problems like Picker List with a Callout is not working. Now I have to dow

Getting Gears for the PhoneBook Project

following <<  Planing For My Next Project So i have been working with Starling , Feathers UI  and Robotlegs. I worked some basic and then some more directive examples for my Phonebook app .  Note: I am using FlashDevelop. All the projects i provided here also include the libraries and assets downloaded from the sites ,ie Starling , Feathers and Robotlegs sites.Also i gave other links where you can download the libraries which i used in my project. I am not distributing these libraries , just making it easier for newbies.You should download the latest builds of these free libraries  Robotlegs v2.10 I found robotlegs so confusing , and i missed the old one v1.5.2, which i could use of-course . But the love for  +Robotlegs  was strong enough to make me learn it. so i finally GET it :P  mainly by these two examples given at  Robotlegs knowledge base  20-links-to-robotlegs-v2-examples Robotlegs v2 Simple Example With Popup RL2+Starling+Features+Flicker The 2