Free x-SMS Flood v2.00/v2.02 and v3.00 Registration Key...

Hey guys, i had made an online form to get your xSMS Flood Key for free. Its been 5 to 6 years since i made that app and its cool to see so many people still interested in app.
Just Now i happen to check that there are so many Requests sent to the server , that looks like a some kind of hacking attempt or automated script.Though i added re-captcha to prevent bots/scripts to overload the server.
So i am discontinuing the service for now. But i will try my best to get it back online as soon as possible.

You can still email me your IMEI number and xSMS Flood version number , i will reply you manually.
Thanks and sorry for inconvenience 


  1. Hi, pls help me to have the app on my nokia e5...i have the xsms flood v2.02 beta before at my e71 but the problem is that my phone was stolen... what should i do now...

    1. Dear thats deal with certifying/signing the app for your phone. i gave signed application but it should work if you set the date year of your phone say 2010 to 2012.

  2. hey there,
    i've sent you email asking for serial please reply :)

    1. Hey , i have replied to two emails , i hope one was yours. if not then email me , make sure, to
      zaibaish2020 [ at ]

  3. hi how to register for a registration key? please email me at
    m IMEI number is 35691013087419

  4. Hi..can i used this application to my loptop?


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