xSMS Flood v3.00 Touch For s60v5

xSMS Flood v3.00 Touch For S60v5

xSMS v3.00 Preview

xSMS Flood v3.00 Touch For s60v5
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Whats New:
This application is fully modified form of xSMS v2.02 ,with touch enabled. It works good on touch enabled Symbian Series 60 v5 phones. The application is designed to match every screen dimensions/orientation. Just set the screen orientation before starting application. You can send maximum of 100 sms at a time in Demo version. Full version has no such limits and also SMS Desire and SMS Series is enabled in Full Version.

$5 Only  FREE 
I will be soon adding a page where you can get your Reg. Key, till then email your IMIE  to zaibaish2020@yahoo.com
Supported Phones ( May vary):
Nokia 5800 XM, Nokia 5800 Navigation , Nokia 5230 XM, Nokia 5530 XM, Nokia N97, Nokia N97 Mini, Nokia X6, Samsung i8910 Omnia HD, Sony Ericsson Satio, LG KT770

*Tested On 5800XM,5550XM

Download Build 3  
mEnvirnment ( Required for Build 3)


  1. Still got the constraint problem with the build 2,it came from the mEnvirontment...
    And 1 more thing,i think it will be better if the key button function still used although it is capable on using touch screen... I'm using n97 mini,and i'm capable to run it by rebuild it with your 2.02beta version,but the text are mess up,while it runs well on n73 but the key was unable to used.thx.

  2. which country do u belong..?? my app is in english...
    i dont have n97 but it had same symbian software .. i checked it at two sets as i mentioned they were unhacked... i m going to upload separte sis files for xsms and mEnvirnment..

    key button was not usable when in portairt mode... moreover n97 has keypad but 5800,5530,5230 etc has no keypad..

  3. I came from Indonesia but my phone always use English. The text on 2.02 beta version works fine,both in my n73 and n97 mini. But the 3.00 version gave me only boxes on the graphical text on n97 mini (See the picture above) while the text work fine on n73.n73 got no touch screen feature,thats why i'm suggesting that u still put the keyboard function.

  4. @Handler n73 is S60v3 phone and v2.02 is for them .. v3 is for S60v5 phones.... i will b soon checking it and recompiling... thanks for bearing with me and tell me about text when i upload a new one. thanks

  5. help. when i press the xSmS , it won't load

  6. @Daniel which file u r using? i think u r using build 3 ,please also instal mEnvironment...

  7. Well, as i said, at the first post, i rebuild your sis file by using the XSMS Flood v2.02 engine, to make it works(load) on my N97 mini...

    And your build 3, is still got the same problem, although the installing problem are solved by Signing the mEnvirontment and install it, then install the XSms Flood v3.00, but it still not load after that...

    I guess it has a compatible problem although N97 mini is S60v5 phones...
    Why dont you try to rebuild with the old mEnvirontment? I think it has more compatibility then the new one...

  8. @Handler that can be possible i will soon rebuild that and try to fix font issue. thanks for ur help improve the app.

  9. @Salman try changing date to year 2010, or you need to sign with your signing key


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