Putting It On Paper

Following Getting Gears for the PhoneBook Project

Hey , I have been spending some time on writing the Plan of my Phonebook app.
After three days , i realized that it will consume so much of my energy , and i wanted to get experience of a Professional Environment. Well I am wrong especially when i have only one team member working with me , Myself :-)
So I am skipping this documenting and structuring part or whatever it is called and start to build my Presentation Layer. The document i have been working on is displayed below, please note that i have not followed any template or didn't read any approach to pre-documentation of a software project. It purely for my convenience .

*Note:The data base tables are not showing in Google Docs.May be i should add a snapshot on completing the document.


I am building Presentation Layer built on Starling+Feathers UI . And facing alot of problems like Picker List with a Callout is not working. Now I have to download and install Flash Builder 4.6 ,so that i can build my Views in Design view ,quickly. (Not available in FB4.7)
I have not worked on my Data model yet , but i think the GUI part is much hard esp in Starling+Feathers where i have to Split my Views which I documented  into sub views. Needs suggestions.


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