If I were the President of Pakistan


We all love Pakistan, may be some of us just not considering it. So If I am going to be a President of Pakistan, even if it were for one day only , what the first things I am gonna do???

Let's see how we want Pakistan in future..

 I start ,, that if  I WERE THE PRESIDENT OF PAKISTAN, i would change all the education courses and would like to introduce loyalty,love of Pakistan,anti-corruption views in young children to young bachelors so that our next generation not only love Pakistan but also become the Powerful nation in the world,and of course education should be freely accessible to all People, imagine all the People thinking and doing good for Pakistan,no concept of Corruption,hatred,Oppression,Disappointment ...I think this is the need of time, we have to change ourselves ,our views,deeds and start doing something good for Pakistan.
In fact we have not be a President for doing good... but everyone wishes... So please

- Post your positive views for Pakistan
-Avoid Hatred 
-Don't talk negative at all, i even don't want to mention but .. like Politicians,Provinces,Languages etc

so Please post positively . 


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