x Sprite Sheet Unrippper / Unpacker

Hey guys , this a free tool/utility to un-rip the sprite sheets. I am no professional but i like gaming and most of the time people, like me, only interested in the programming , so only need some visual assets to see the game working.
Here comes sprite-sheets very handy , i download it and extract the graphics and use it in my personal game.I have been spending many hours in extracting and placing the graphics in a format that is useful. There are plenty of software's that can pack the sprites  , like TexturePacker , it gives you a single sprite sheet ,with tightly packed sprites and a information about the sprites on the sprite-sheet . I prefer JSON format for that . But the problem is when i download a sprite-sheet from the internet i have no JSON for the sprites packed on a sprite-sheet. So i made this small utility tool.

This utility is free to use . Remember , this utility is not very SMART or INTELLIGENT , and also can be slow when processing large spritesheets or the sheets without some spacing in between the sprites. So apology  in advance , and please place a comment if u like it or not , if the case my be :)

How To Use

Watch Video
  • Browse File , to browse a sprite-sheet file ( JPG or PNG Only ) for your local drive.
  • When you select a file , it will take a time to process and then load into the the Canvas.
  • Every sprite in the sprite-sheet is represented by a outlined rectangle Box.
  • All the sprites which are essentially the Boxes on the Canvas are listed in the right panel List .
  • On selecting a Box , by either clicking it or selecting it from the list , the associated properties (width , height , x and y position) can be change by the handler on the Box or from the right panel properties.
  • Box covers the the area of sprite which is essentially are exported at the end.
  • Make modifications , as this tool is not very smart , so it needs some changes before exporting the sprites.
  • The name of the Sprite is associated with the Box , when select a  Box , its name can be changed. By simply modifying its name  and press ENTER or Update Button
  • NOTE: that these sprites names will be the name of exported sprites so they must be unique , there is no checking for duplicate names , so be Smart yourself :P
  • You can then export sprites ,each sprite in a separate file or like TexturePacker, a sprite sheet with JSON is exported . There is issue in JSON . You have to remove first few characters in the file which  i don't know why come each time randomly.
  •  For those who didn't understand this HOW TO USE help , I will be uploading a video ,demonstrating the using of the x-Sprite Sheet Unrripper

Flash Player 10.2 is required to display the application.


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