Hazarat lal Eason History

The pride of Karor "Hazrat Muhammad Yusouf (ra)" known as Lal-e-Son was born in Multan in 16th century . His father's name was "Hazrat Akhar Bahauddin" who was very pious and perfect saint Hazrat Yufouf (ra) belonged to Quraish family of Banu Hashim and his family relations meet "Hazrat Bahauddin Zakriya Multani" in the 9th generation .He opened his eyes in pure religious and learning surrounding. He got his initial education from his father and learnt Quran Majeed by heart in his childhood.After that, he went to Baghdad for higher education where he studied Hadees , Fiqa , and the knowledge of that time .After completing his education , he went to Bait Ullah to offer Hajj . And also visited the Roza-e-Rasool (PBUH).

Lal Eason Darbar Road ( Karor )

Lal Eason Bardar Road ( Karor ) He got back to Multan . His brother Hazrat Sheikh Kabeer was handed over the state of Multan and he came to the birth place of his forefathers , The " Kot Karor " which at that time was known as " Deepal Pur " , to preach Islam . At that time , there was starvation in Karor .People asked him to pray for it . He said : Catch the fish in the river . People replied : Not to speak of fish ,nothing in the river . He prayed for them and there was a plenty of fish in the river. After this occasion, the people of Karor often used to sing this song : Here he started preaching Islam and many people embraced Islam. His piety was matchless . He recited the " Sura Muzammil " One Cror times at the bank of the river Sind and this incident caused " Deepal Pur " to be known as " Karor Lal-e-Son " .He was tall man , with fair complexion and long Beard . He belonged to the series of Qadria and never heard any song or music through out his life. He died in Karor at the age of 90 in the month of " Bhadoon " on 14 .(May his soul rest in peace) And his tomb is situated in Karor where thousands of people come to have a look at it with devotion.


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