I SEE PAKISTAN Animated (Mene Dekha Pakistan )

( day 1: 2010-07-27)

Story Title:

"Mene Dekha Pakistan" , it can be changed when the animation is finished.

Please suggest me some English name , translation of the above Urdu title and covering the concept.

Story Concept:

The story covers many ideas, some that I wanted and some that I don't want to cast but the story flow makes it inevitable .It shows that how a particular class of people look at another class of people…The wealthy ,rich or powerful people and poor ,miser or weak people…. Its either ignorance or cruelty of the people that the poor suffer….


Hassan : A 10 to 11 year poor boy. He is young and like to play .His dress is torn out and dirty . He is wearing no shoes.

Ameer : A 9 to 10 year old boy. He is well dressed ,seems the son off a rich man by appearance.

Bilal : Father of Ameer, a 36 year old serious man, dressed in a kind of business suit. He seems to a nice but turns out a tough person.

Other supporting characters in envirnmonts. ( 10 to 12 in numbers ).

Envirnment Element:

Roads: Side as well as front view.
Trees, electricity street towers,buildings,vehicles ( to add more life to road),trash bin at side roads, the 14 August flags on houses….( others will be mentioned later).

( day 2,3 : 2010-07-30)

Scene 00_01
I think I gonna name my animation I SEE PAKISTAN Animated …. I think that gonna be the title of my animation.. I am still drawing objects for my animation ,

Scene 1: Birds ,clouds ,buildings ,street lights ,trash bin ,sign board.

These objects are drawn so far ,as I am very weak in drawing so I have to draw most of these objects in 3d so I can get my desired angle, my characters need to be drawing , but before I have to make all scene elements… Its going to be so difficult and I need somebody to help me in this.
here is the image of my scene , which is not what i am imagining :-)

( day 4: 2010-07-31 )

Today I am willing to start drawing characters…I hope it turned out a good one and I may able to illustrate my imagination…I never done a more human like character :-P hope I make through it.


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