Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Sharp Shooter Flash 10 CS4 Game Tutorials and Source

Hello friends and visitors, I am currently working on a game, I named it "Sharp Shooter" with no reason than it's a shooting gameJ . Well I am concerned here to make a game program. I will be not focusing on graphics designing. I will be using very simple graphics. I have completed some of its features currently working on enemy AI. I will try my best to complete and update the post because I am busy with my studies too. Your interest will give me pleasure and encourage making it fast so give your remarks in comments sectionsJ. I will be giving codes and snapshots at the end of the post because it would be easy for me to add/modify more codes and classes there. And one thing more you should know that I am not a professional and I am still learning. And I thought this kind of game to make because I don't know whyJ. I saw such kind of game over internet …. Okay let's start with no further talk.  :)