Monday, July 4, 2011

x Sprite Sheet Unrippper / Unpacker

Hey guys , this a free tool/utility to un-rip the sprite sheets. I am no professional but i like gaming and most of the time people, like me, only interested in the programming , so only need some visual assets to see the game working.
Here comes sprite-sheets very handy , i download it and extract the graphics and use it in my personal game.I have been spending many hours in extracting and placing the graphics in a format that is useful. There are plenty of software's that can pack the sprites  , like TexturePacker , it gives you a single sprite sheet ,with tightly packed sprites and a information about the sprites on the sprite-sheet . I prefer JSON format for that . But the problem is when i download a sprite-sheet from the internet i have no JSON for the sprites packed on a sprite-sheet. So i made this small utility tool.