Saturday, January 7, 2012

Convolutive Filters Using ActionScript 3.0 ( DIP )

Hi guys,
Preview: Convolutive Filters ( DIP ) Using Flash AS3.0
Here is a little utility to test various filters convolved over an image. I was inspired from my degree course work , Digital Image Processing . I always loved image processing techniques and wanted to do my final year project in DIP field , but could noot :( . So I spent a good amount of time on making some "testing" tool , though making GUI swallowed most of the time :P
So when studying Arthematic Filters in DIP , there are some filters,Masks or Windows ,which,when convolved over Input image, gives amazing ouput image results . I have given values for some Filters ( 3x3 matrix ) to be applied on Input Image. I found these values from my course book and from The Internet .You can define your own filter Matrix values to be applied on input image and see how it turns out.