Thursday, December 6, 2012

Ikhtelaf-e-Ummat Or Sirat-e-Mustaqeem Islamic Book By Molana Yousaf Ludhyanwi

A beautiful Islamic Book which gives definitions of different Firqa/Groups of Islam.
Book Title


Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Robotlegs v1.5.2 Basic Setup For AS3.0 Application


Robotlegs is a framework for ActionScript 3.0 . Its a MVC+Service framework , you can google all the information about it and its comparison with other frameworks for AS3.0 ( Mate , PureMVC , Gaia etc ).
This post focuses on the implementation of RL ( Robotlegs ) in pure AS3.0 . Because the examples available for RL are mostly in Flex.
In this Post only single or pure Robotlegs application is set up .I will be posting about Modular Robotlegs in detail, soon.  Before getting started here are the links for Robotlegs:

RobotoLegs Website - Download SWC

If you are new to Robotlegs then you should read the help and examples on ,

 Or If you are a genie ,you can just follow the steps or example given below to get started you app up and running

Setting Up Project

I am using FlashDevelop and Flex SDK 4.6 . You can use Flash IDE or FDT or whatever you like . The project will have five classes. And of course

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Engineer's Life - A Short Movie Video

" Work Hard Before Your Life Gets Harder "


Lead Role: Syed Muzaher Hussain
Other Cast: Abrar Saddique, Rehan Rauf, Safeer-Ul-Allah , Azhar Mehmood and FET Batch 2008 Students
Special Thanks: Israr Ahmed, Mubeen Mirza, Aleem Khaliq 
Production and Sponsor: Sikandar Nawaz , Jamat Ali Chouhan
Directions, Screen Play and Camera: Jahan Zaib Bhatti
Graphics and Editting: Qamar Zeeshan

Saturday, May 5, 2012

xSMS Flood v2.03

xSMS Flood v2.03

Title:xSMS Flood v2.03
Catagory:Cellphone Application 
New Feel.
  • SMS Flood To A Numberis now free . You can now send upto 100 SMS to a number . SMS Desire and SMS Seriesare not available in Unregistered version
  • Inputing phone number and other options is more user friendly
  • Series generation method is simplified
  • Bug is removed in Cancelling Sending
  • New Icon
Price :
5 $ Only  FREE

I will be adding a page where you can get your Registration key , till then feel free to email me your IMEI number at , please mention the version of xSMS.

Saturday, January 7, 2012

Convolutive Filters Using ActionScript 3.0 ( DIP )

Hi guys,
Preview: Convolutive Filters ( DIP ) Using Flash AS3.0
Here is a little utility to test various filters convolved over an image. I was inspired from my degree course work , Digital Image Processing . I always loved image processing techniques and wanted to do my final year project in DIP field , but could noot :( . So I spent a good amount of time on making some "testing" tool , though making GUI swallowed most of the time :P
So when studying Arthematic Filters in DIP , there are some filters,Masks or Windows ,which,when convolved over Input image, gives amazing ouput image results . I have given values for some Filters ( 3x3 matrix ) to be applied on Input Image. I found these values from my course book and from The Internet .You can define your own filter Matrix values to be applied on input image and see how it turns out.