Saturday, July 31, 2010

I SEE PAKISTAN Animated (Mene Dekha Pakistan )

( day 1: 2010-07-27)

Story Title:

"Mene Dekha Pakistan" , it can be changed when the animation is finished.

Please suggest me some English name , translation of the above Urdu title and covering the concept.

Story Concept:

The story covers many ideas, some that I wanted and some that I don't want to cast but the story flow makes it inevitable .It shows that how a particular class of people look at another class of people…The wealthy ,rich or powerful people and poor ,miser or weak people…. Its either ignorance or cruelty of the people that the poor suffer….

Friday, July 30, 2010

Word Press or Blogger

Hi , well you have noticed that I am posting same at both Blogger and WordPress , well I am not deciding yet which blog should be updated because I would not be able to update both blogs at a same time. So I am now going to decide which one should I preferably update. May be in future I get my own .com account ( which I should not as I see no benefit because I am not a professional I am a student).
Well I am more preferring Blogger because I am using it before Wordpress account and also because it's a Google product and my post are like immediately listed in Google search. Also from my Office template I can post and update my new blog . But there is some thing which wordpress offers me using Office that I can choose a category of my post without going to my Wordpress Dashboard… which in case of posting to Blogger I have to do this on blogger edit posts page. But recently I came across where I have to change my post title. When I update it from my same offline Office template file, blogger post get updated but in Word press it added a nw post not update the existing one…. Sooooooo I think I am gonna go with Blogger and on my word press you should be checking the RSS feed from my Blogspot so if anything misiing at wordpress , you should go to my blogspot.
So here I should mention it in bold.
Please visit for updated posts , may not be updated in some case.

Saturday, July 17, 2010

Sufiana Kalaam Suratiya Matwali

I attended Anual Funfare on 2010-04-10 at Peer Mehr Ali Arid Agricultural University Rawalpindi. There was a competition of Sufiana Qalam and he Adeel From International Islamic University Islamabad ( IIUI ),student of MS Computer Sciences present a very nice Kalam of Khuaja Ameer Khusroon ( Amir Khusro ) Rehmat Ul-Allah Elehi... Sooratiyaa Matwali.... i m sure you will like his voice and Rythm. Regards

Friday, July 16, 2010

x Tic Toc Remake v1.00 Beta in Flash AS3.0

Hi, this is a remake of classic game Tic Toc or Tic Tac Toc , I don't know the original developer/publishers… This is an example with source code of the game Tic Toc or Tic Toe ,with simple artificial intelligence ( AI ). So this is one of my attempts to make a game from scratch, I completed it in 1 day (2009-04-11). So it's been more than a year and I have forgotten about it .( I did not comment in my code.) The Artificial Intelligence of the computer play is so simple logically. He watches any possible win by the player and try to suppress Player Win. He does not try to win a game. I left it to be completed in future ( More than one year and still waiting :-p ); The game gives very simple interface to user !! I Just wanted to share it for beginners. I hope you like . Please comment and share your views..Take care. Flash version is Flash CS4 , Flashplayer 10 , Action Script 3.0. There are only four things displayed in game.