Monday, July 29, 2013

Putting It On Paper

Following Getting Gears for the PhoneBook Project

Hey , I have been spending some time on writing the Plan of my Phonebook app.
After three days , i realized that it will consume so much of my energy , and i wanted to get experience of a Professional Environment. Well I am wrong especially when i have only one team member working with me , Myself :-)
So I am skipping this documenting and structuring part or whatever it is called and start to build my Presentation Layer. The document i have been working on is displayed below, please note that i have not followed any template or didn't read any approach to pre-documentation of a software project. It purely for my convenience .

*Note:The data base tables are not showing in Google Docs.May be i should add a snapshot on completing the document.


I am building Presentation Layer built on Starling+Feathers UI . And facing alot of problems like Picker List with a Callout is not working. Now I have to download and install Flash Builder 4.6 ,so that i can build my Views in Design view ,quickly. (Not available in FB4.7)
I have not worked on my Data model yet , but i think the GUI part is much hard esp in Starling+Feathers where i have to Split my Views which I documented  into sub views. Needs suggestions.

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Getting Gears for the PhoneBook Project

following << Planing For My Next Project

So i have been working with Starling , Feathers UI  and Robotlegs.
I worked some basic and then some more directive examples for my Phonebook app . 

Note:I am using FlashDevelop. All the projects i provided here also include the libraries and assets downloaded from the sites ,ie Starling , Feathers and Robotlegs sites.Also i gave other links where you can download the libraries which i used in my project. I am not distributing these libraries , just making it easier for newbies.You should download the latest builds of these free libraries 

Robotlegs v2.10

I found robotlegs so confusing , and i missed the old one v1.5.2, which i could use of-course . But the love for +Robotlegs was strong enough to make me learn it. so i finally GET it :P  mainly by these two examples given at  Robotlegs knowledge base 20-links-to-robotlegs-v2-examples
The 2nd example for my starling interests only :P
Now the Hello World app i practiced to understand RL2 may not be quite a "helloWorld" , i may seems a bit Long for a hello world , but i started as a simple test and then extended it when i  started to get the Ideas .
I didn't implement Models/Services in this example , because this project was useless :P
here is the link if anyone interested , i just worked and checked the things i wanted to, so this example may not be follwing the Best PRactices by RL2 team :)

Starling+Feathers UI

After doing "Hello World" s with starling and feathers , i worked on this example keeping my Phonebook app in mind . Where i will be needing various Screens/States to be displayed. I wrote a basic class to store and mange Screens Ids of Feathers ScreenNavigator component.
Download it you might find it usefull. 

Starling+FeathersUI+Robotlegs v2

Now using same Screens-AS3 project ,i put it into RL2 context , and just mediated the different screens .Noticed one problem though that after Main Starling Root is mediated , it should also mediate the MainScreen , but i didn't mediate it right away , but i think this can be fixed using a command.or may be i missed something. 
I used Starling Viewmap extension by  Jamie Owen ,(Github repo link)


I worked before with RL but feathers is new for me. And I am sensing some problems , like in Screens-AS3 project , i first used extending from .
This event type is supposed to be used within the "views"(ScreenNavigator,Main Starling), but the dispatchEvent and dispatchEventWith  in Screen control works with starling event. So i changed the class.
May be i could use signals internally , but i am not a fan of signals , so i could Inject eventDispatcher directly in to Starling views , which i am sure is bad practice.
So I will be defining my app next , and will be trying to make Views separate from Mediators(RL2) and other logic ,as hard as possible :)  . So that if the starling views are new suiting me , i could move to flex components or may be separating mobile and desktop views.


Monday, July 15, 2013

Planing For My Next Project

In this post , i want to express my views about selecting a platform for my next project.

The Project

I have been planning to make an application which will be basically a Phone Book Manager. Surely there exists such applications , but i don't know any. Because i want to develop my own application for fun ;)

The Need

I need that application to be able to store,manage my contacts. I have my cellphone contacts from my Nokia phones and now my android phone. I frequently add new contacts and remove "inactive" contacts ,for many reason , but i always backup the contacts in exported files.
Now  i have many backup files,from Nokia and android.These files have some common contacts and some different and new contacts.When i need to locate an older contact info. i have to open all files in my text editor +Notepad++  and search in all files.