Friday, July 30, 2010

Word Press or Blogger

Hi , well you have noticed that I am posting same at both Blogger and WordPress , well I am not deciding yet which blog should be updated because I would not be able to update both blogs at a same time. So I am now going to decide which one should I preferably update. May be in future I get my own .com account ( which I should not as I see no benefit because I am not a professional I am a student).
Well I am more preferring Blogger because I am using it before Wordpress account and also because it's a Google product and my post are like immediately listed in Google search. Also from my Office template I can post and update my new blog . But there is some thing which wordpress offers me using Office that I can choose a category of my post without going to my Wordpress Dashboard… which in case of posting to Blogger I have to do this on blogger edit posts page. But recently I came across where I have to change my post title. When I update it from my same offline Office template file, blogger post get updated but in Word press it added a nw post not update the existing one…. Sooooooo I think I am gonna go with Blogger and on my word press you should be checking the RSS feed from my Blogspot so if anything misiing at wordpress , you should go to my blogspot.
So here I should mention it in bold.
Please visit for updated posts , may not be updated in some case.

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